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XR Session 1: Unreal Engine & 3D Tracking

XR video walls are where modern film and television production are going with the use of an LED backdrop, rather than a green screen backdrop.

Green screen technology has been used for years to create all kinds of special effects where we can take an actor and put them in any place in the world that we want. However, with green screen, we have after effect compositing that we must deal with such as green spill or blue spill, depending on what kind of wall using.
A lot of work goes into creating green screen effects, but with an XR video stage, like the examples in the video, it’s instantaneous – in real time.

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Unilumin Unano
Unilumin Unano

Narrow pixel pitch for rental or fixed installations. The built-in edge protection allows for rapid and durable assembly and disassembly. The purposeful 8:9 aspect ratio frees up the designers for optimum creativity and flexibility in implementation. The Unano is available in 1.3mm and 1.8mm pixel pitch for best possible imagery in any installation.

In this video, we show a Unilumin Unano video wall being powered by Unreal Engine and tied to the Vive tracking system. This set up has transmitters and a gimbal that is the receiver to tell the Unreal Engine where the camera is so it will shift the video background accordingly.

We realize that many people won’t use this specific set up. If you are in a corporate setting, you probably won’t want to put your CEO in an icy tundra or on another world. In other videos, we’ll explore some alternative solutions, such as the NewTek TriCaster, as well as software elements that can be used to make the wall interactive.

In summary, XR video production enhances the filming experience for everyone involved, and it is also extremely relevant for any corporate environment that you might find yourself in.

Learn more about XR solutions at ThePowerOfXR.com

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