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XR Session 2: LED Floors

There are a few types of XR production. One of the most common is the traditional backdrop – greenscreen replacement. Another type of XR staging is a full immersion experience that completely envelopes the talent or the actor in dvLED – including the walls behind and the floor below.

XR floors are made with LED panels that have a special surface coating that allows talent to walk on it.

When considering the full immersion XR set up, we must factor in the software that’s driving the dvLED walls and creation of the content we’re putting on it. The video content for the XR Stage might just be

flooring or textures, or we might be completely enveloping the talent in a whole other universe. Either way, when looking at LED XR staging, a few things to consider are: the area in which we’re putting all this LED, the content we’re driving on to it, and the software, of course, that’s going to run it.

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With an added motion tracking system and virtual set software, you can take your production beyond single-angle shoots and completely immerse your subject in whatever environment you wish. This technique is called XR, OR EXTENDED REALITY.

Your set can be extended beyond the physical limits of your stage as well, as many XR software solutions include live tracking of subjects (and props) that occlude the screen. Your talent will be able to see set extensions and 3D objects on the LED walls (also called faces) around and below them if the wall you choose has an LED floor.

Learn more about XR solutions at ThePowerOfXR.com

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