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Squigl · Ai Powered Video Creation

Simple, AI-Powered Video Creation in 2 Minutes or Less

Squigl videos are at the forefront of educational courseware, corporate communications, training & HR. Equipped with unique strategies to engage your audience & boost retention, delivered faster through Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and beyond.

Anyone Can Be a Content Creator

You don’t need to be an expert to create a professional-looking animated video! Squigl’s powerful AI software pairs the right image with the relevant keywords from your text to create high quality videos in minutes.

Empower Your L&D Team with Squigl!

Deliver engaging and enjoyable digital learning no matter where your employees are working from, using our easy-to-use video authoring tool. Create professional-quality videos within minutes.

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Squigl · Videos

Squigl for HR – Contact Emily
NJ.GOV Career Recruitment video by Squigl
NDI Explainer video by Squigl

Squigl · Solutions


Convey your internal company brand by telling your company story, culture and values, and newest organizational changes.

squigl onboarding

Sales Enablement

Guide your client-facing teams to success by sharing strategies, latest product innovations, and methods to sharpen their pitch.

squigl sales enablement

Soft Skills

Develop leadership skills with coaching videos to practice interpersonal communication, problem-solving, and empathy.

squigl soft skills

Remote Learning

Enable team consumption for any location, any time, any platform. Videos learning that’s convenient for the modern–day workforce.

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