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Seervision creates IP-based audio visual automation software that seamlessly integrates into your AV ecosystem. Seervision’s flexible solution allows you to fully automate multi-camera productions for lecture capturing and hybrid video conferencing

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Seervision Suite Features

Automatic triggers based on scene

The Seervision Suite’s computer vision-based scene understanding gives PTZ cameras and any device in an AV installation the ability to see and react live to what is happening in the room
Through visual and audio triggers, Seervision can autonomously trigger specific actions depending on the area of the room that a person is detected, to offer a hands-free and dynamic live video production.

Smart, adaptive androbust full-body tracking

Seervision’s award-winning auto-tracking software enables PTZ cameras to automatically recognize and keep track of your subject. Based on full-body identification, the system creates unique IDs from multiple reference points over the body, making it much more reliable than face-based or motion-tracking solutions.

This means enhanced performance when people are crossing or when your subject’s face isn’t visible, and it also gives you greater control over the tracking smoothness and reactiveness.

Preset-less automation
for flexible spaces

Enhance the hybrid meeting experience with audio-based camera automation that truly immerses remote participants. Gone are the days of retrofitting conference room solutions to large spaces, instead. choose your preferred cameras and automatically point them at active talkers via Seervision’s preset-less beamforming microphone integrations that adapt to the use-case, room layout. and seating configuration.
Because we are hardware agnostic, even if your equipment changes overtime, Seervisions’s software infrastructure will allow you keep us at the core and maintain your existing automations up-to-date

Limitless API

Leverage our API to trigger actions through third-party devices by using Seervision as your ‘visual sensor’.
Likewise, use inputs from third-party tools to trigger actions within the Seervision Suite. Together with our Bitfocus Companion module and built-in NodeRED platform, create straightfoward ‘if this, then that’ flow diagrams that activate presentation switchers, video playback software, or other ProAV equipment.

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