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Mercury Notifications · Life-Safety & Mass Notification Technologies

Mercury’s n. FORM® Mass Notification System

Specializing in life-safety technologies, Mercury Notifications, and their n.FORM® Mass Notification System is a complete, end-to-end, supervised solution that provides the hardware, software, integration, and controls needed for mass notification and emergency communication systems. Regardless of the emergency, Mercury Notifications keeps the line of communication open enabling targeted messages via distributed audio, wide area speakers, phones, email, SMS/Text, Twitter, Skype/Teams, desktop alerts, digital signage and more.

Mercury Notifications’ n.FORM Mass Notification Emergency Communication System features Field Alert – a dynamic distributed recipient mass notification platform that enables you to communicate to individuals and groups in the event of an emergency.

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Mercury Notifications · Products

Mercury’s n. FORM® Headend unit is a complete communications control center for mass notification for emergency and non-emergency events.

Mercury Notifications hardware

Mercury’s n. FORM® Operating Platform Rack Mount delivers superior intelligible messaging, creating coverage up to 6 million square feet per system.


The n.FORM® Audio Interface is used to send line level audio from the system to an external device such as an amplifier or fire alarm control panel.


Mercury’s n.FORM® Smart Router ensures quality data transmission, paging and music integrity across long cable runs.

Mercury Smart Router

The n.FORM® I/O Expander is used to add additional inputs and outputs to an existing system.


In the event of a primary (AC) power outage, the UPS can supply a minimum of 24 hrs of power for standby operation.

Mercury 24v UPS

Mercury Notifications · Diagrams

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n. FORM schematic diagram
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