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Kiloview is a professional hardware manufacturer and software developer in the field of IP- based video transmission and management – with products across the range of video encoding, decoding, conversion, IP- based video switching and streaming, including SDI/HDMI (HD or 4K UHD) to IP via H.264/H.265/NDI by Ethernet, WiFi or 4G- LTE/5G- LTE, etc.

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WHY NDI | HX? Coolest NDI | HX Decoder 4K UHD Kiloview D300 Video Decoder
Kiloview E2 Broadcast Grade HDMI to NDI Video Encoder
Kiloview N30 is an encoder & decoder, 12G-SDI to Full NDI, Full NDI to 12G-SDI
Kiloview’s Free NDI Multiview Player

Kiloview · Featured Products

Kiloview MultiView Player for NDI® (Beta)

Kiloview MultiView player for NDI® is a multi-screen playback software for unlimited NDI® streams. Simply select any 9 streams in each window (customizable up to 16 channels for special order), the Kiloview MultiView Player supports multi-screen split display, PIP and multi-window playback. Kiloview MultiView Player is compatible with various NDI® High Bandwidth and NDI®|HX sources, both 4K and HD, and easily connects with your smartphones, computers, NDI®-enabled encoders, cameras, and production systems.

Kiloview MultiView Player also supports tally signal transmission, NDI® main and sub-stream input, audio monitoring, safe area, center cross, and frame. You can even use your smartphone to manage and monitor the Kiloview MultiView Player easily and efficiently without further downloading software or App.


Kiloview U40 4K NDI® encoder supports 4K P60 HDMI or USB input, convert to NDI high bandwidth, also it suports IP to NDI®| HX conversion. With such functions like PoE+DC Out, PTZ, Tally, cold shoe on camera, the Kiloveiw U40 is the smallest and while most powerful NDI encoder which can turn any camera into an NDI camera. With only one network cable, video sources from HDMI cameras, web cameras, USB cameras and others can easily go into the NDI world and enjoy the advantages of IP-based transmission featuring ultra-high image quality and ultra-low latency. [ U40 DataSheet PDF ]

The coolest NDI encoder in the world! The U40 4K NDI features with all the functions you want.

The D300-4K UHD NDI®|HX(2.0) Video Decoder is a professional hardware decoding device that can decode multiple video streams without relying on a computer It outputs SDI signal and HDMI signal video, supports 4K UHD resolution, and supports multi-channels video stream split screen to the display wall and dynamic switching.

Powerful decoding function, support 4k H.265 decoding, support 9 channels video simultaneous decoding output, split display, dynamic switching. SDI and HDMI dual interface output, and support image and text overlay output. Support full protocols, especially NDIHX/SRT.

The E2 · HDMI to NDI · Wired Video Encoder

Kiloview E2 video encoder can deliver H.264 encoding HDMI video source into NDI|HX stream over WAN or LAN.

Kiloview E2It supports SRT/RTMP/RTMPS/HLS/UDP/RTSP etc. streaming media protocols.

NDI post production, NDI low-latency transmission, conference/program/event webcast, video interactive connection point-to -point, portrait live broadcast, etc.

The N2 Portable Wireless HDMI to NDI Video Encoder

Kiloview N2New Tek NDI® is an open network device interface protocol with ultra-low latency, accurate frame video, data stream mutual recognition and communication, makes video real-time production possible.N2 HDMI to NDI video encoder is a professional video encoding device for NDI video production. It can encode HDMI video source into NDI protocol stream, and transmit video over wired network or wireless WIFI network which is available for any NDI compatible systems, devices or software.

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