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Edison PRO is an easy-to-use and cost-effective turnkey solution for creating amazing live and online presentations, based on a PPT or PDF file and adding rich media like pictures, sound, video and even 3D objects and animations from built-in libraries or any other source.

Based on Brainstorm’s unique TrackFree (TM) technology and using a comprehensive HDMI IO workflow, Edison PRO features unlimited virtual cameras and can create astonishing presentations even when using simple setups with fixed cameras. Edison PRO is compatible with Unreal Engine background scenes, offering real-time hyper photo realism for any presentation project. Edison PRO Unreal Control (Edison PRO UC) is a plugin that allows for controlling the Blueprints, Objects and Properties present in any Unreal Engine scene directly by using Edison PRO’s comprehensible, user-friendly dedicated interface. This plugin opens the door for advanced users to manage their own or acquired Unreal projects directly from Edison PRO.

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