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Lume Cube · Premium Lighting Tools for Photography & Videography

We Design Premium Lighting Tools that enable productivity and unlock creativity, so you can deliver your best.

Lume Cube is the brainchild of groundbreaking creators who were determined to put light where it had never been, inspiring the product that began it all: the original Lume Cube.

Devoted to growth and flexibility, Lume Cube evolved to solve demand, and built a brand dedicated to innovation in premium illumination.

In our digital world, where content is king and personal branding is paramount, proper lighting sets the best apart.

Contact our experts to find out how we can help your business today.

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Lume Cube · Featured Products

Lume Cube Panel Pro Kit

RGB Panel Pro Lighting Kit

Lume Cube Panel Pro

RGB Panel Pro

Lume Cube Edge light 2-pack

Edge Light 2-Pack for Glare Prevention

Lume Cube Mobile creator kit

Mobile Creator Lighting & Audio Kit

Lume Cube Ring light

Cordless 12'' Ring Light Mini

Lume Cube 2.0 waterproof LED

Lume Cube 2.0 Waterproof LED

Lume Cube · Videos

Can Your Lights Do THIS?!
Meet the Panel Line – Three Different LED Panels to Help You CREATE
Introducing the Lume Cube Edge – Desktop Lighting Designed for Video Calls, Live Streams, and More
Lume Cube logo

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