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NewTek CaptureCast Applications

NewTek™ CaptureCast™ is a multi-input recording technology that connects educators and learners like never before.

CaptureCast captures every moment from every perspective and gives remote learners the chance to interact with content as if they were in the room whether live or on-demand.

Let our experts find a solution for your project!

Packed with ground-breaking technology, CaptureCast is a multi-input, multi-room recording and live streaming solution that has been designed to bring the awesome communication power of video to remote, hybrid and on demand scenarios across a multitude of education, training, corporate and government experiences.
NewTek CaptureCast applications

Who Does CaptureCast Serve?

Education:  Higher Education, K-12, Continuing Professional Education, Lecture Capture, Remote Learning Solutions

Special Training: Medical Simulation, Courtroom & Trial Prep, Police & Combat Training, Multi-device & Camera Setups, Video Documentation

Enterprise: Fortune 1000, Corporate Training & HR Needs, Teams & Zoom Meeting Capture, Remote Worker Capture, Meeting & Hybrid Workspaces

New IP Rooms: Classrooms, Training Centers, Meeting & Conference Spaces, Huddle Rooms, Hybrid Offices, Remote & Mobile Workspaces

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